Meditation & Breathwork Workshops

Meditation & Breathwork Workshops

Meditation is the art of training to the mind still itself in order to enhance its levels of awareness, and experience inner peace, relaxation, bliss and spiritual enlightenment. Meditation is for the mind what spa treatment is for the body. Through meditation, thousands of people have risen from the throes of challenging life situations and entered a space of stillness, deep inner peace and relaxation. They have come face to face with their own reality as spiritual beings capable of receiving infinite wisdom and doing immense good.

Some of the benefits of meditation are:

  • Reduces Stress
  • Controls Blood Pressure
  • Improves Blood Circulation
  • Feelings of Well Being
  • Helps connect with Higher Self
  • Enhances Emotional Well Being
  • Boosts Confidence & Self Esteem
  • Relaxation & Mental Peace

There are many different meditation techniques with their own styles and benefits. Some of the meditations we offer are :

Meditation for Beginners:
For those who are new to the experience of meditation, we have beginner level meditations, which covers mild breathing techniques for stress relief and relaxation. Beginners will be introduced to the beneficial effects of meditation, followed by gentle breath work that brings awareness of the body and its energy flow. They will learn the art of letting go, focusing on the present and relaxing their mind, body & soul.

Mindfullness Meditation (Breath Work)
In mindfulness meditation you will learn how still your thoughts about the past or future, and return to and remain in, the present moment without judgement. This meditation makes use of powerful breathing techniques of inhalation and exhalation to help control your wandering mind.You will learn how learn to pause your mind and choose what you would like to focus on. This will help you have a much healthier relationship with yourself, as well as others.

Meditations for Spiritual Awakening
How many times do we crave to get in touch with divine? There is always an inner guidance present in us that is an extension of the omnipotent divine presence, and it holds the answer to every question we seek. The noise and chaos of every day life distances us from this inner voice and causes us to be oblivious to its presence. With these guided visualization meditations, we help evoke and channel the energy of unconditional love of the divine presence, revitalize your faith and reach higher levels of soul consciousness.

Meditations for Energy healing & Chakra balancing:
These meditations focus on removing blockages of the body’s energy processes (chakras, auras, meridians) caused by negative emotions, and restoring balance and vitality to the mind, body and soul. This is done through a combination of breath work and specific visualizations around the central meridians or chakras of the spiritual body. The result is a profound healing effect felt at physical, mental, emotional & spiritual levels.

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