Subconscious Mind Clearing

Subconscious Mind Clearing

Many negative beliefs, behaviours, and habits have their roots deep within our subconscious and superconscious (soul) mind. Unless we uproot these problems at the level from where they originate, we may have little or no success. Subconscious mind clearing is an alternative to Hypnotherapy and works directly with the subconscious and superconscious minds to identify, clear and replace negative energies from this life and past lives.

In a subconscious mind clearing session, the practitioner will use the aid of a pendulum and some charts to access the subconscious and superconscious (soul) mind of the client. The practitioner then locates the root of the problem by asking the pendulum a series of research questions. Once the root is identified, the practitioner works with the soul mind to clear all negative energies that were causing the illness or undesirable behavior, and replacing them with loving, supporting and positive ideas and beliefs.

Soul Record Clearing is an immensely powerful and accurate way of rejuvenating and rebooting one’s inner and outer view of life, and enables them to:

– Let go of past trauma and pain

– Speedy recovery of physical and mental ailments

– Overcome relationship challenges

– Attract abundance & love

– Abandon self-limiting behaviours

– Overcome negative thinking

– Be able to give and experience unconditional love

– Align the universe with the needs of their soul

– Receive divine guidance

– Increase the level of soul consciousness

– Live life according to one’s full potential.

People who have undergone subconscious mind clearing report wonderful changes at mental, emotional and physical levels. 

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