Reiki Healing Courses

Reiki Healing Courses

Course: Reiki Healing First Degree (Level 1)

Price: 850 dhs

Time: 6 hours

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a combination of the two Japanese words “rei” and “ki” meaning universal life force energy. It is an ancient laying-on of hands technique that can channel the universal life force in order to heal, restore and balance the subtle energy systems within our body.

Reiki Healing has the ability to bring an individual into a space of deep harmony and inner peace.  In addition, it can remove energetic blockages and perform various treatments such as:

Physical aches & pains

Emotional trauma

Relationship healing

Chakra balancing

Aura Cleansing

Distant healing

Space clearing/healing

Stress management

Increasing focus and clarity

Course Cirriculum:

  • Introduction to Reiki Healing
  • History of Reiki Healing
  • Principles of Reiki Healing
  • The Major Chakra System
  • The Aura & and its Bodies
  • Reiki First Degree Attunement
  • Hand placements for Self Healing & Healing others
  • Healing in emergency situations
  • Healing for different ailments
  • Reiki Healing practice

The course includes:

  • Manuals
  • Certificate

Course: Reiki Healing Second Degree ( Level 2)

Price: 1150 dhs

Time: 6 hours

Reiki Healing Second Degree (Level 2) teaches participants more advanced aspects of Reiki Healing. This course takes you to the next part of your Reiki Healing journey, enabling you to strengthen your connection with Reiki Healing Energy and use it in more profound ways.

This class covers:

  • Introduction to Reiki 2
  • Difference between level 1 & 2
  • Reiki Code of Ethics
  • Scanning
  • Power symbol
  • Mental/emotional symbol
  • Distant healing Symbol
  • Reiki Second Degree Attunement
  • Practical session on using the Symbols

The course includes:

  • Manuals
  • Certificate
  • Pre-requisite: Reiki Level 1

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